The AI-Powered Healthcare Ecosystem.

We are building the AI innovation infrastructure for health care, applying machine learning to structured data sets to create scalable solutions that improve patient outcome.

Superpowering Clinical Research

Using the EVIDENS platform, clinical research teams can unlock hospital-wide data sets, deriving insights using AI, and collaborating across organizations while respecting data privacy and ownership using our federated learning model.

  • Ingest data from hospital data source
  • Aggregate and structure data, making it AI-ready
  • Develop insights and refine algorithms
  • Collaborate without compromising data privacy

Enabling Collaboration Across the Ecosystem

We create a unique ecosystem of companies, institutions, technology, and data necessary for the discovery of clinically relevant biomarkers.

  • Deploy secure, on-premise technology
  • Leverage ecosystem-wide algorithms
  • Collaborate with experts across geographies and organizations

Developing Artificial Intelligence Responsibly

We are a strategic partner to government and industry to develop clinical AI solutions responsibly, bringing stakeholder accountability to the cutting edge of clinical research.

  • Bring focus and ROI accountability to clinical AI investments
  • Maximize patient outcomes using AI to optimize interventions
  • Provide visibility into real world applications of clinical AI resarch

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