The Potential of AI in Your Hands.

EVIDENS, our AI platform enables digital cohort discovery, research, collaboration, and insight sharing on hospital-wide data sets.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Data

  • Quickly annotate and link your data into AI-ready data sets
  • Quickly filter populations based on clinical outcomes or demographics
  • Filter populations with limitless keywords by training AI models to search with them
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Leverage AI to Derive Clinical Insights

  • Explore and create criteria to identify cohorts with smart AI assistance
  • Quickly train AI models to automate analysis and categorize data into groups
  • Output AI-ready cohorts to test your study’s clinical hypothesis
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Enable Collaboration & Federated Learning

  • Easily view the status and tasks for all your projects and collaborators
  • View and follow activity based on your research interests and projects
  • Use collaborative tools to work in parallel to create, train and validate AI models
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Our Platform Partners

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